Wireless Printing PDF Print

Patrons can print from their wireless devices to library printers.  

Wireless Printing costs
Black and white prints .10 cents per page
Color prints .50 cents per page

There are several options for wireless printing.  Select the one that best meets your needs.


Print existing documents (word, excel, powerpoint, jpeg, tiff, pdf, etc.)

Patrons can print existing documents to Library printers by visiting and following the instruction on the following website:


Video instructions on how to print to Library printers from a wireless laptop


Email Printing

Print Emails and Attachments

To print emails and attachments:

This feature is ideal for wireless handhelds including BlackBerry, Pocket PC and Treo, or web email such as Hotmail, Yahoo! and Google mail. Simply forward the email you want to print (even those with attachments) to our PrintSpots email address at:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (for black and white prints)

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (for color prints)

You will be sent an email for the message and each printable attachment, containing instructions for retrieving your document (usually including a confidential release code that you will need to provide before your document is printed). A print job for your email and each of its attachments will be waiting for you to release them to the printer. Simply release any job you would like printed.

If the printer has a release station or privacy capability, you will need to enter the release code from the previous step to pick up your print job. A release station is typically a computer, or a PrinterOn "Print Valet" keypad device located near the printer. Messages or attachments that are not released to print are deleted after several hours.

Complete details about email printing, including free applications for BlackBerry, RIM, and Pocket PC



PrintWhere for your PC/Laptop

Printing from Windows Applications



To print directly from an application you need to download and install the PrintWhere Internet print driver.

If you have PrintWhere, you can use our printers to print documents from any Windows application. PrintWhere is PrinterOn's free Internet print driver.

To print a document:

  1. Print a document from an application such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, by selecting Internet PrintWhere as your printer and clicking Properties.

  2. Enter the Printer ID in PrintWhere's Printer tab.

    vapld-webprint-bw (for black and white prints)

    vapld-webprint-color (for color prints)

  3. Confirm the PrintWhere settings by clicking OK in PrintWhere and OK in the application's print dialog. Or, change the print settings and select additional options.

Download PrintWhere Universal Driver and find out more about using it at printeron.net.

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